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Remote Learning


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Device Instruction for Remote Access

** Parents, please click on the grade and find the folder with the correct week- such as  "Week of 4/13" 

School Day Student Support Plan 上課日-支持學生計劃

Below is a list of of activities and classroom content from our teachers listed by grade:


Non-Digital Learning Packets: Visit cps.edu/remotelearning for access to packets that include a range of activities that students can work on independently or with help from an adult. Students may work through these resources over multiple days and in any order. 學習活動影印本包裹: 網頁鏈接cps.edu/remotelearning 在線查看 「學習活動影印本」,其中包括學生可以獨立進行、或在成人的幫助下進行的一系列 活動。 學生可以在多天內以任何順序使用這些資源。


CPS Parent Checklist for Remote Learning at Home English | Chinese