History of John C. Haines



John Charles Haines was born on May 26, 1818 in New York and was buried in Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago on July 4, 1896. Mr. Haines served as the mayor of Chicago for the Democratic Party from 1858-1860. 

Haines arrived in Chicago on May 26, 1834 and took on work as a clerk for George W. Merrill. By 1846 he formed a partnership with Jared Gage and acquired several flour mills. Haines worked to organize the Chicago waterwork beginning in 1854. He served two sequential terms as mayor of Chicago.John C. Haines School is a neighborhood and technology magnet cluster school.

Haines School had been one of the oldest building in Chicago Public Schools. Haines School is 130 years old and in 1994, a new building was constructed.