Parent Advisory Council

• 5.11.18 PAC Mother's Day

4.27.18 PAC-Prevent Identity Thief  | Download the Presentation here

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting: Community Resource.

March 9, 2018 Dear community partners, Thank you so much for sharing your program's information with our parents this morning.

PAC Feb. 2018 Meeting 


Jan. 26, 2018 Celebrations of Diversity
Celebrations of Diversity PDF

Dec. 08, Haines PAC meeting

Nov. 20, Haines PAC meeting - “Nutrition on the Go”


October 2017

Chairperson (主席) Redmond-Sander, Toni
Vice-Chairperson (副主席) Johnson, Yarnell
Recording Secretary (記錄秘書) Lin, Ai Yu
The Corresponding Secretary (相應秘書) Zhou, Yu Wen
Collaborative Delegates(代表委員)
Liu , Sabrina, Li, Kuofen, Huang, Ying, Adams, Andrea

• Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy

• Parent Involvement Guidelines



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